Mediterranean Food Los Angeles

Traditional Hummus$ 4.99

Roasted Garlic Hummus$ 5.99

Pimiento Hummus$ 5.99

(roasted red peppers)

Hummus Ma-Lahma$ 9.99

Fresh ground beef sauteed with fresh garlic, onion & house spices.

Hummus Tawook$ 9.99

Sauteed chicken made.

Babaganoush$ 5.99

Grilled eggplant, roasted garlic & tahini seasoned to perfection.

Mezza Sampler$ 29.99

A combination of traditional hummus, dolma, 4 falafel patties, yogurt dip and babaganoush (serves four).

Mezza Supreme$ 39.99

A combination of traditional hummus, foul, dolma, 4 falafel patties, yogurt dip, babagaboush and vibe nachos (serves 4).

Foul$ 5.99

Egyptian style seasoned fava beans simmered to perfection with olive oil.

Lebneh$ 4.99

Middle Eastedn yogurt served with fresh herbs, crumbled feta & extra virgin olive oil.

Feta Fries

Crispy seasoned fries topped with our signature feta cheese sauce & crumbled feta.

Small $ 7.99
Large $ 12.99

Zataar Fries

Crispy seasoned fries coated with zataar spices and olive oil.

Small $ 6.99
Large $ 10.99

Traditional Fries$ 4.99

Seasoned made to order.

Mozzarella Sticks$ 5.99

8 mozzarella sticks fried golden crisp. Served with marinara sauce.

Calamari Frite$ 10.99

House seasoned calamari & sliced jalapenos, served with marinara sauce.

Vibe Nachos$ 8.99

Crisy pita chips with tomato, olive, jalapeno, scallion & topped off with our signature feta cheese sauce with crumbled feta.

Add chicken $ 2.99 or
Add beef $ 3.99

Dolma$ 7.99

Grape leaves stuffed with rice, served with house made cucumber yogurt dip.

Vibe Sampler$ 12.99

A combination of traditional fries, wings and mozzarella sticks.

Fried Veggie Sample$ 9.99

A combination of eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper and cauliflower.

Seasoned Hot Wings$ 7.99

Seasoned BBQ Wings$ 7.99

Lemon Pepper Wings$ 7.99

Vibe Wings Madness$ 10.99

A combination of hot wings, BBQ wings & lemon pepper wings (4 of each)

All Salads: Add Chicken $2.99 Add Beef 3.99

Chicken Shish Wrap$ 9.99

Fire roasted lemon garlic chicken with romaine lettuce, tomato & topped off with our house made garlic sauce.

Beef Shish Wrap$ 9.99

Fire roasted beef with romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion & topped off with our house made tahini sauce.

Beef Lula Wrap$ 9.99

Beef lula with romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion & topped off with our house made tahini sauce.

Falafel Sandwich$ 9.99

Egyptian style falafel with red onion, tomato, romaine lettuce & topped with our house made tahini sauce.

All Salads: Add Chicken $2.99 Add Beef 3.99

Greek Salad$ 9.99

Crisp romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, feta cheese, kalamata olives tossed with italian dressing.

Fettoush$ 9.99

Crisp romaine lettuce with tomato, cucumber, green onion, fresh garlic, roasted pita chips, tossed with house dressing & topped with sumac.

Caesar$ 9.99

Crisp romaine lettuce tosse with caesar dressing, parmesan cheese & croutons.

Chinese Salad$ 9.99

Shredded cabbage with carrot, scallion, mandarin oranges, fried pita croutons tossed with our house made oriental dressing.

All entrees listed below are served with basmatic rice & house salad.

Mix Kebab Plate$ 20.99

1 chicken, 1 beef, 1 lula skewers.

Beef Lula$ 12.99

Seasoned to perfection ground beef with our homemade egyptian recipe (2 skewers).

Chicken Kebab$ 12.99

8oz skewer of fire roasted, house marinated lemon garlic chicken kebab.

Beef Kebab$ 13.99

8oz skewer of fire roasted, house marinated beef kebab.

Lamb Chops$ 19.99

3 lamb chops grilled to perfection.

The Vibe$ 9.99

Sauteed chicken, bell pepper, red onions, tomato, olives, jalapenos, scallions & marinara sauce.

Chicken Tawook$ 9.99

Sauteed chicken with babaganoush spread, onion, roasted pimiento, topped off with fresh mozzarella cheese.

Champignon$ 9.99

Sauteed mushrooms seasoned with house spices, babaganoush spread, garlic, roasted pimiento topped off with fresh mozzarella cheese.

Khobez Bel-Lehma$ 9.99

Ground beef sauteed with garlic, roasted pimiento & topped with fresh mozzarella cheese.

Bruschetta Pizza$ 9.99

Vegetarian stye pizza with tomato, black olive, red onion, parsley, topped off with fresh mozzarella cheese & served with marinara sauce .

Please allow 20 minutes for preparation.

Half of Chicken Plate$ 12.99

Delicious oven roasted chicken served with rice & salad.

Falafel Entree$ 10.99

5 Falafel patties served with hummus & tahini dip, pickled turnips, fresh tomatoes & pita bread.

Macaroni Bechamel$ 14.99

Manicotti pasta layered with seasoned ground beef, fresh tomato sauce, house spices and baked off in home made bechamel sauce .

Salmon Fillet$ 13.99

8oz of grilled salmon served with roasted veggies & potato.

Tilapia Fillet$ 11.99

8oz of seasoned fried tilapia fish fillet served with rice and house salad.

Shrimp Kebab Plate$ 14.99

Two skewers of minted shrimp served with veggies & potato.

Cold Beverages

Fountain Drinks$ 2.99

Mango Juice$ 3.99

Guava Juice$ 3.99

Pineapple Juice$ 3.99

Cranberry Juice$ 3.99

Limeade$ 3.99

Tropical Ice Tea$ 2.99

Iced Tea$ 2.99

Pellegrino$ 3.99

Fiji Water$ 3.99

Hot Beverages

Mint Tea$ 2.99

Earl Grey$ 2.99

Chamomile$ 2.99

Organic Green Tea$ 2.99

Jasmine Tea$ 2.99

American Coffee$ 2.99

Armenian Coffee$ 3.99

Cappuccino$ 3.99

Hot Chocolate$ 3.99

Mocha$ 3.99

Latte$ 3.99

Add Ice Cream for $ 1.99

Mix Seasonal Fruit Platter

Small$ $ 8.99
Large$ $ 12.99

Watermelon & Feta - seasonal

Small$ $ 8.99
Large$ $ 12.99

Mix Berry & Nutella Crepe$ 7.99

Fried Banana & Nutella Crepe$ 7.99

Amy's Delight$ 8.99

Pita chips, strawberry, banana

Amy's Delight$ 8.99

Pita chips, strawberry, banana

Chocolate Cake with Caramel Sauce$ 6.99

Carrot Cake$ 6.99


Cheesecake Cake$ 6.99